The Property

House in Canning Vale, 6155


The Client

Jay had recently relocated to eastern states. He was looking to sell his property to reduce his debt holdings and reallocate his capital to a better place.

He had strict criteria when it came to choosing an agent. Unlike others that were low balling quotes and lacking in energy, Jay appointed Rick for his enthusiasm, his willingness to share knowledge and insights about the area, and the time Rick took to meet all of Jay's needs.

Fig. 1 - Before digital staging
Fig. 2 - After digitally generating furniture

The Strategy

Jay’s house had no furniture and empty homes take longer to sell. That's because it’s harder for buyers to imagine themselves living in it. Rick had to make the house presentable to attract potential buyers and renting furniture to stage the home would have cost Jay a few thousand dollars. Instead, Rick recommended computer-generated digital staging to show likely buyers a well-furnished and decorated home.

The living room and pantry of Jay’s house were smaller than similar-sized houses. Rick came up with a strategy to target a specific demographic that would see the value in that. It was determined that the house would suit a younger audience.

By applying these strategies, the house was sold within a month. Jay applauded Rick for selling the house higher than what other agents had appraised the home for.