The Property

House in Bentley, 6102


The Client

The house was the home Kim built for her mother who recently passed away. Kim called Rick Soon Realty to get an appraisal for the property. She was keen to know about the marketing strategy we would implement and the price that she can expect for selling it.

We went through how we can work together to sell the house and listed things she needed to prepare before the home goes to market. The marketing plan impressed Kim so much she that she decided to proceed with Rick just from the initial meeting.

The Strategy

We used a private treaty for the home as the next buyer would most likely be retiree’s and would not be keen on the new system of sales or the "no price" strategy (like Offers and Expressions of interest). They would most likely prefer a figure for the property or at least a price range.

I had three home opens each week and was able to attract on average eight buyers every week. It was a good turnout despite the tough market conditions in Bentley.

On week 4, we got two offers simultaneously. With that I was able to create competition and drive up the price to what she has expected. It was great timing coupled with long negotiations but I managed to get it over the line with a great price. Kim (and the neighbours) were impressed by what I had accomplished