The Property

Apartment in East Perth, 6004


The Client

A close contact referred a law firm to Rick Soon Realty to liquidate an apartment. The apartment is in close vicinity to Perth CBD. It is neat, well-maintained and has been a faithful cash cow for its owner. The law firm had appointed Rick Soon Realty to sell the apartment quickly and at the highest price possible.

The Strategy

To get the highest price at the shortest time frame, the apartment needed the most amount of exposure. Rick Soon Realty used Premiere listings on the most visited property website in Perth and other listing portals. This ensured the property appeared on the front page of every listing portals and get the most eyeballs.

This strategy attracted a large number of buyer enquiries on the webpage. It also gathered enquiries from people outside the area that were interested to invest and those looking to live in the East Perth area.

Rick Soon Realty successfully sold the property in less than 25 days. The law firm was pleased with the result. Rick Soon Realty looks forward to working with the law firm again and helping their clients who are looking to buy or sell properties.