The Property

House in Canning Vale, 6155


The Client

Jonathan, his wife and their 3 boys (who were growing up fast) have great goals and aspirations for the next chapter of their lives. They have outgrown their current home and want to move into their new home in Southern River.

Jonathan’s home is built in the 1980s and faces a lake. It has vintage fittings, an open floor plan and high rustic ceilings. It has a very different feel compared to the new houses in the area. He wasn’t sure how to prepare his unique house for sale. After asking a few agents, he chose Rick Soon Realty who provided the most thorough assessment and plan to get the most value from the sale.

Fig.1 - Twilight photoshoot
Fig.2 - Premium atmosphere created by photoshoot

The Strategy

A unique house needs an exceptional sales strategy! We used a twilight photoshoot to paint a picture of the buyer enjoying the good life. Although more expensive than a regular photoshoot it highlights the premium feel of the house. We wanted buyers to imagine themselves arriving home and enjoying a sunset drink on the deck or sipping a warm cup of tea by the fire. The photoshoot soon attracted the gaze of affluent buyers.

We knew a traditional sales strategy wouldn’t get the most value from this exclusive property. Rick recommended a relatively new concept of sale called ‘Open Negotiation’. It allows prospective buyers to compete fairly in a transparent way, hence maximizing the price potential for the seller.

Jonathan was impressed with the speed and value of the sale. His house was sold in less than 35 days compared to other houses on the market which takes an average of 89 days to sell.