The Property

House in Parkwood, 6147

The home is a 1970’s house with a renovated kitchen and a layout that is perfect for a small family or for retirees.


The Client

The seller had subdivided the property and Rick Soon Realty oversaw the sale of the vacant block at the back. They were now ready to sell the home at the front which had slight renovations done to it.

Seller wanted the most effective way to sell and at the highest price possible. We discussed the market, the number of days it would stay on market in Parkwood and the competitions in the area.

Fig.1 - Google overlay of amenities close by

The Strategy

There is quite a lot of maintenance work needed for this place. We decided it was best to sell on the the strengths of the home and minimize its perceived weaknesses.

The selling points was the market price and that buyers were keen due to its great location. We decided to use a Google overlay to showcase the location and highlight the proximity of amenities to the home.

There was good communication throughout the entire process. The seller was constantly updated on the progress of the sale and advised on areas to improve. In the end it took just over 50 days to sell the house and we got a great price for the place. Getting $340,000 for such a tiny house was a remarkable feat which made the seller very happy.