The Property

Apartment in West Perth, 6005

A typical 2 bed 2 bath apartment in one of West Perth’s best locations. Rick Soon Realty was excited to accept the challenge and sold the property at fair value despite fierce competition in the market.


The Client

Andrew is an investor who was looking to reduce property holdings to conserve cash flow. He was still collecting rental income. Thus, he was divided between two choices - keep the property and the rental income or cashing out on the property.

Andrew approached Rick Soon Realty during a competitive market. There are many similar 2 bed 2 bath apartments listed on the market. Many of these listings have been in the market for months and are still unsold. We needed a purple cow approach to avoid the same fate as other 2 bed 2 bath listings.

The Strategy

Rick Soon Realty put together a pricing strategy and Andrew the client agreed with the potential ROI he would be getting from the property sale.

Rick then applied his unique 5 step marketing process to uncover hidden gems within the property. This enabled the apartment to stand out, attract potential buyers and to receive a fair price for the sale.

He capitalised on the existing tenant’s furniture to show a sense of space and create a cozy feeling. He turned a normal-looking apartment into a lovely home that buyers envisioned living in.